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ALNUSET is a dynamic, interactive system for enhancing the teaching and learning of algebra, numerical sets and functions in secondary schools. It’s suitable for use with students from 12 to 17 and is easy to integrate in classroom practice.

ALNUSET is totally different from conventional computer algebra systems and drill & practice programs. ALNUSET is based on an explorative approach to the construction of mathematical concepts and meanings.

ALNUSET has three fully integrated environments:
the Algebraic Line, the Algebraic Manipulator, and the Functions.

Download the AlNuSet brochure 


Algebraic Line

The core feature of the program is representation of the algebraic variable as a mobile point that can be moved along the algebraic line (see movie on the home page). This feature makes it possible to operate with expressions and propositions as if they were numerical quantities.

As a result, ALNUSET can facilitate understanding in these areas:
  • The structure of expressions. Demo
  • The definition of expressions in numerical sets. Demo
  • The properties of expressions. Demo
  • Polynomial roots. Demo
  • The truth value of propositions. Demo
  • Construction of truth set for propositions. Demo

Algebraic Manipulator

The Algebraic Manipulator is mainly for:

  • transforming algebraic expressions and propositions through a set of basic commands. These commands correspond to the basic properties of operations, to equality and inequality properties, and to basic operations on propositions and sets.
  • creating new rules (user rules) once they are proved.

These functions can be extremely useful for:

  • Exploring algebraic rules. Demo
  • Transforming expressions and solving propositions. Demo


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The Functions area integrates the algebraic line and the Cartesian plane. Expressions on the algebraic line are automatically represented graphically in the Cartesian plane.

This can be used for:
  • constructing meanings for the function, variable and parameter notions. Demo
  • supporting the reading and interpretation of graphs. Demo